Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yee-Haw! Frank Lasee Wants To Drill Under Lake Michigan

Thanks to OWN's Robert Doeckel for posting this Frank Lasee keeper.

The Green Bay-area Republican state representative wants to see oil and gas drilling equipment along and under Lake Michigan.

Door County might be nice. Or along Bradford Beach, near the Calatrava Museum addition.

The kids at UW-Green Bay and Milwaukee could get training in spill cleanups, too; sounds like your proverbial win-win to me.

Sometimes we deserve to be called cheeseheads.


Anonymous said...

So many Frank Lassee great ideas, so little time . . . .

Anonymous said...

Flakey Frank just wants to justify his uncle Alan's wearing of a cowboy hat and string tie, and maybe some fancy snakeskin cowboy boots for himself.

If the state legislature ever sported a bigger pair of related boobs, I'd eat my cowboy hat!

On a more kindly note, perhaps the pair are simply in the wrong state legislature. I recently read that a school district in Texas authorized its teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classrooms, an idea that Frank floated for Wisconsin schools only a year or so ago.