Saturday, August 30, 2008

Civil Rights Complaint Against SEWRPC Still Not In Mainstream Media

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin filed a complaint with federal agencies against the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) over several agency plans and actions, but since the August 25th filing, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Waukesha Freeman have not reported on the complaint.

[Monday p.m update: Still no mainstream media coverage.]

The Daily Reporter, a statewide business publication, has written two stories about the complaint, and I have blogged about it twice, too.

Here is one of the Daily Reporter's stories. Good for the Daily Reporter.

And here is one of my blog posting for details, and a pdf to the complaint.
I have been writing pretty constantly about a lack of minority and City of Milwaukee representation and participation at SEWRPC.

And also about SEWRPC's inaccessible exurban location, poor minority hiring record, weak affirmative action plans, 35-year-failure to write a regional housing plan, and support for highway spending over transit services - - all of which discriminate against minorities and low-income residents in SEWRPC's seven-county region, in my opinion.

I hope the complaint get the wider circulation it needs, and that the feds use it as the basis for a comprehensive investigation into SEWRPC's structure, spending and hiring.

Had this been a civil rights complaint issues filed against a major municipality or school board in our region, I suspect it would have been an immediate, big story.

SEWRPC too often files under the radar: the complaint can help bring the agency, its work, and perhaps some more equitable outcomes more fully into view.

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