Friday, August 15, 2008

Other County Executives Should Support Dane County Falk's Alcohol Education Campaign

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk continues to lead on alcohol education in Wisconsin.

But where are the other County Executives, or District Attorneys, or Mayors, etc., et al in this booze-tolerant state when it comes to aggressive advocacy for sobriety on our highways?

And elsewhere in a state wracked by alcohol abuse.

One public official who has thrown off the cloak of denial is not enough, and every agonizing story about a drunk driver wiping out an innocent driver or cyclist keeps proving that point.


MAL said...

I think education is fine.

One worries about a draconian responce, though.

Every time I read of ruminations about governmental policy on substance abuse: I think 'more prisons, more criminals'.

I say we tread carefully in a depoliticized country in proposing policy changes in substance abuse.

The 'War on Drugs' is much more destructive to families than any drugs have been. Failure to recognize this fact is a defect in analysis of whatever baleful effects any substance has wrought.

Anonymous said...

Local government in Wisconsin should never tolerate alcohol related problems in their area. The safety of the people is at stake here, and we are talking about innocent lives destroyed by alcohol, if the problem persists. The local officials must act soon, in order to restore safety and security in the highways and at public places.