Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talk Radio's Faux Love For Hillary Clinton

It's been entertaining to listen to the conservative talkers and their praise for Hillary Clinton today.

Of course, it's just a way to undermine Barack Obama; that's transparent.

But remember that during the early primary season, when Senator Clinton was the front-runner, she was talk radio's big enemy. They'd remind us of her negatives and her support for what they said was socialized medicine.

They also said that if the country elected her, we'd get the Clintons, both of them, when the truth is that talk radio would much have preferred Senator Clinton as the candidate, and as President, because that would have given the talkers "the Clintons" as punching bags for four-to-eight years.

So don't be taken in: the righty talkers are not fans of Hillary Clinton, but they will always figure out a way to use the Clintons to stir up their conservative listeners and ramp up program ratings.

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