Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bush's Convention Absence A Media Plus For GOP

The approaching hurricane in the Gulf may bring more tragedy to that region. Let's hope not.

And photo op or not, Bush in the hurricane zone and not at the Republican convention is just where the US President and Commander-in-Chief needs to be, even if it reminds viewers that he wasn't there when he needed to be - - before and after Katrina.

For the Republicans in the convention hall in St. Paul, Bush and Cheney's announced absences will be a disappointment, but keeping the historically-unpopular duo off-camera is a political and media break for the party.

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Anonymous said...

Gustav desertions:

Bush and Cheney are so concerned about the south's safety in the face of Hurricane Gustav, that they won't be joining the adoring throngs at the convention? Hmmmm . . . perhaps the throngs didn't want them there? What do they think they're going to do--fill sandbags? circle around in Air Force One and cluck over the devastation? hold hands in a prayer circle and ask for deliverance? or sit around in their underwear and drink beer at the Crawford ranch?
Now we also read that the entire Louisiana delegation to the RNC is going home. Is the pending Louisiana disaster a convenient excuse for avoiding the St Paul disaster, I wonder? It doesn't look good, my friends . . . . the RNC is the last gasp of a dying beast. Too bad they had to bring it to St. Paul where its rotting breath will just stink up the place.

There's a Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska, and now one from Wisconsin to St. Paul as well.