Saturday, August 23, 2008

Speak Your Mind To The WMC

One Wisconsin Now has constructed an email conduit that you can access to tell Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce board members that their organization's ultra-conservative political and campaign agendas and undermining good government in the state.

Sick of the group's support of hard-right candidates for the State Supreme Court, and fresh fund-raising to support more right-wing campaigns this fall?

Fed up with WMC efforts to weaken clean air regulations and initiatives for health care coverages?

Done hearing the persistent and unfair WMC whine about the business climate in the state, which hurts the state economy, and Wisconsin's image nationally?

OWN will direct your email comments for you, and thousands of WOM website readers already have, according to the umbrella progressive media and organizing group (disclosure: I sit on one of OWN's boards).

Easy to get started, here.

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