Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walker Vows Veto Of Transit Rescue Plan

A Milwaukee County Board committee has endorsed an eventual referendum that, if approved by voters, would replace $65 million in property tax spending on the failing bus system with an identical sum of money raised by a half-cent sales tax.

It's a tax switch, not a new tax on top of an old one.

Positioning himself for a 2010 Republican Party candidacy for Governor,, and aligning himself with the anti-tax/anti-transit talk radio cabal, County Executive Scott Walker has promised to veto the plan and keep it off the ballot.

Walker's opposition is unconscionable, given the bus system's decline as a county asset on his now six-year watch, and its importance to hundreds of thousands of county residents.

The plan is a practical way to provide the bus system with a revenue stream for operations and equipment that does not burden property taxpayers.

Most cities already finance their transit systems without relying on the property tax - - a known regressive fiscal tool.

A sales tax also brings in revenue from visitors, and the amount is minimal: five cents on a $10 dollar purchase. Big deal.

Kudos to the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and the Greater Milwaukee Committee for aligning the business community behind the plan.

Walker could learn a few things about commonsense, financial planning and political leadership from those two organizations.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the County Board! About time they showed some backbone! The idea that these extreme talkers represent most of us is, I believe, an illusion. I also believe these loudmouths have done severe damage to our civic discourse. Enough already.

So Mr. Walker is going to veto this? How undemocratic can you get? An elected official refusing to allow citizens a vote? What a concept! OK, so what happens after that? Can the Board override? Or will we need a referendum just to allow us a vote?!?

Anonymous said...

Yea Walker won't even let this go to the voters... I wonder why that is?