Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jessica McBride Supports More Transit

There will be more interest in transit, especially from people with long commutes from areas not served by decent transit as gas prices rise and motorists want alternatives denied them by one-dimensional planning.

Transit should be a bi-partisan, non-partisan issue, and as I have argued repeatedly, it's a great failing that the state and regional planning commission (SEWRPC) have given us a 25-year-highway expansion and rebuilding plan in the seven-county Milwaukee area that costs $6.5 billion, but is without new transit systems.

The Capital Times makes the same point.

The more support for transit as a needed public service - - commuter rail/light rail/buses - - the better the chance that transit improvements are possible.

Milwaukee and the area are ready for change, and the Multimodal station is in place.

Allies are always welcomed.

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