Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Progressive Authors' Book Signings Scheduled in Fort Atkinson, Milwaukee

Summertime is book reading time.

So save these time and dates:

Authors/editors David Wagner and Paul Buhle will sign and discuss Howard Zinn's A People's History of American Empire, at Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson.

The Carpe, a Fort Atkinson landmark restaurant and music club, is at 18 S Water St W.

The event takes place Saturday, June 14th from 4:30 - - 7:30 p.m.

Long-time Wisconsin political activist Phil Ball is hosting.

Wagner was a reporter at the Madison Capital Times reporter and, later, an editor at The Freeman.

He and Buhle, a retired history teacher, have numerous books and publications to their credit.

The book, a re-issue of Zinn's seminal work in comic book form, is illustrated by renowned Madison cartoonist Mike Konopacki.

Contact http://www.cafecarpe.com/ for more info.

On Tuesday, June 17th, David Sirota - - writer, pundit and author of the new book The Uprising- - will speak and sign books at 7:00 P.M., at Schwartz Bookstore, 2559 N. Downer Ave., on Milwaukee's east side.

More information available at One Wisconsin Now.


xoff said...

One more: On June 23, Jeremy Scahill, author of "Blackwater," an expose of the secretive security company that's behind the fastest-growing private army in the world, will do a reading at Schwartz booksellers on Downer Avenue at 7 pm

Jim Bouman said...

Actually, Dave Wagner, hired by Paul Kritzer (recently retired from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, before that Publisher of the Waukesha Freeman) was hired on as Editor of the Editorial Page, never as a reporter. He came to Waukesha directly from the Press Connection (Madison Strike Paper). He started as an editor, ended his career as an editor. Had a fine career with the Phoenix Gazette, later the Arizona Republic, when the PG folded.

In those halcyon days of Waukesha journalism, Dave won many Inland Press Awards for his Editorial pages. The sorry witless rag that endures with the Freeman name is an embarrassment, edited and staffed by fools and idiots.

Here's non-trivial question:

Who did Wagner and Kritzer endorse in the 1980 Presidential election?

Jim Bouman said...

Freeman decided to back John Anderson.
The Waukesha Freeman couldn't stomach the idea of Reagan as President.

Anonymous said...

Author/editor/journalist/historian/scholar Dave Wagner's appearance this Sat. June 14th(along with Prof. Paul Buhle)at the Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson-4:30..7:30
will stir some memories of a better time in Wisconsin journalism. Wags' personal history is practically the full story of how Wisconsin's owners and publishers drove their journalistic vehicles into the ditch, told from the point of view of a supremely talented driving instructor.
So come hear him talk about his Goldwater book, and the execrable right wing policy privateer Michael Ledeen.
Buy a copy of Wags' and Buhle's graphic take on Howard Zinn's 'American Empire' and get a signed original Pinc poster promoting the event for poco pesos mas. The Carpe's bar and menu will serve all paying customers, including old journalists.