Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dane County Rolling Towards Commuter Rail

The Madison area is moving towards commuter rail.

It would not surprise me if trains start rolling there before they do in the Milwaukee area.


Mr. Pelican Pants said...

Neat. Yet another multi-million dollar, publicly funded transportation system with virtually no riders.

Have you seen Madison buses lately? They're practically empty, unless you count people hanging onto the side view mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Ridership appears to be on the rise. Up 5% over last year. Have to consider what the system is up against in the past decade. First thing is all the sprawl. Second was a redesign of routes with transfer points in the middle of nowhere. Third was a confounding cut of popular routes in order to save money.

I'd been to meetings where 100% of testimony was pro-bus (including the city transportation engineer, which came as a shock), yet at the same time most people complained about needed improvements.

Anonymous said...

The only place in the county where bus ridership is down seems to be Milwaukee, where the County Executive has devoted himself to drowning the county government in a bathtub -- and transit with it.