Thursday, June 12, 2008

Manage Flooding Issues? Scott Walker Chooses Motorcycle Vacation Instead

Talk about a campaign stunt.

For Walker, it's all-campaign, all-the-time.


Mr. Pelican Pants said...

Right. And where was Doyle yesterday? Dealing with other water hazards, it appears:

Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner said Wednesday that the governor attended part of his campaign's sixth annual golf outing at University Ridge Golf Course in Verona, which had a suggested contribution of $1,250 per golfer.

James Rowen said...

Doyle has been all over the state for days, being Governor, in storm-ravaged communities.

Walker is leaving the area for six days of fun, and its going to cost county taxpayers $3,700.

Not a comparison, Mr. Pants.

James Rowen said...

Postscript: I see some of Walker's expenses are being donated.

Still a wierd statement by the exec. of a county getting rained on, hard, again.

Mr. Pelican Pants said...

Pot meet kettle, in my opinion.