Friday, June 13, 2008

Milwaukee Again Under-Represented On Policy Planning Body

Last Sunday I wrote an op-ed in the Journal Sentinel Crossroads section explaining how Milwaukee's lack of representation on the regional planning commission's 21-member board has left Milwaukee and urban issues discounted.

It's a taxation-without-representation and discriminatory arrangement and Milwaukee should begin the legal processes to remove itself, or Milwaukee County, from the commission.

Now we learn that a separate state legislative study committee to be appointed to look at the issue of regional transportation authorities - - a possible breakthrough means of saving and expanding transit in Milwaukee - - also under-represents Milwaukee.

Same issue. Same problem. Different venue.

It's an unacceptable situation at the regional planning commission (SEWRPC), and it's wrong for the State Legislature and its study committee appointing process - - designed to produce legislation - - to follow a similar, discriminatory path.

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