Saturday, June 28, 2008

Now It's Tim Sheehy's Choo-Choo Train

Anti-rail zealots who railed against rail used to derisively call John Norquist's proposed light rail equipment "choo-choo trains."

Now they are giving the treatment to Tim Sheehy, executive director of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce.

Sheehy has had the temerity to back commuter rail - - not trolley-like light rail in the City of Milwaukee - - serving suburban communities from Milwaukee to Racine to Kenosha because it would move people and create development along the route.

For that, Sheehy earns a mocking.

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Anonymous said...

I think what we need is an inter-metropolitan rail coalition.

Prospects for high-speed rail are accelerating, but fast, and if Minneapolis-Milwaukee-Chicago throw their weight behind it simultaneously, such a project can can skip over the suburbs---because, after all, a roadblock intended to maintain suburban enclaves can't torpedo rail that doesn't plan any stops in Waukesha, right?