Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Waukesha Blogger Asks The Right Questions About the Pabst Farm Mall

James Widgerson, a generally-conservative blogger from Waukesha County, asks the right questions about a new developer's proposal to build some sort of shopping mall at Pabst Farm.

The earlier proposal for a high-end mall was withdrawn by a previous developer - - the same one that is responsible for the Mayfair Mall - - suggesting that the retail market is not there in Western Waukesha County for a regional shopping center.

And despite previous TIF subsidies from the City of Oconomowoc, and another $25 million gob of money aimed the mall's way for a brand new interstate interchange.

So Widgerson asks: is this the best use of 184 acres of land?

In a County where many of the big questions are not been raised until after the land has been subdivided or paved, (Pabst Farms' acreage was rated prime ag land and recommended to remain as such by the Southeastern Regional Planning Commission, SEWRPC), Widgerson's posting is a breath of fresh air.

So much so that I am publicly forgiving him for his support of the Dallas Cowboys.

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

Although I am not a resident of Waukesha County and don't have much at stake, I tend to agree with you. Wiggy's description of yet another generic combination of big box outlets and strip malls with the same cookie cutter stores is not something that area really needs.