Saturday, December 22, 2007

Local Holiday Shopping Touted On Campaign Blog

Urban Outfitters has opened in Milwaukee's Third Aldermanic District.

I confess that this went right past me, but then I read about it, along with a timely holiday pitch for East side shoppers to think local in the face of major-chain competition, on Sam McGovern-Rowen's campaign website,

The shopping links are part of his blog on the website. Modern-day campaigns: quite amazing.

Local shopping has any number of benefits: supporting near-by merchants and your common tax base, keeping your car and pollution off the freeway, connecting with your community.

It's the same reason that people are making an effort to buy food from local growers, linking urban folk with country neighbors.

See all the things you can learn and think about and toss out for discussion if you have a smart son running for Milwaukee's Third District Alderman?

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