Wednesday, December 12, 2007

George Bush Again Vetoes Childen's Health Insurance, Promotes Democratic Sweep in '08

Lame duck President George Bush's plan to drive the GOP off a cliff in the '08 elections is gaining momentum: Wednesday, Bush vetoed, for a second time, a popular and bi-partisan bill to extend health insurance coverage to more American children.

More money for an unpopular war. But not for American kids. So this is what compassionate conservatism is all about!

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Anonymous said...

I think that its ridiculus that he decides to veto the health plan for the second time. I dont see why he would do such a thing. I mean why would you not want to help children and their parents that are not in the position to help themselves. To me it makes no sense. He so damn focused on the war that really isnt helping people here in the states. I personally think that were in war for no reason anymore. They already captured saddam and found no nuclear weapons. We have our troops dying everyday for nothing. I think soon as our troops come home and the war is over, the middle east will just be corrupted like it was when we first went there. Nobody understands that their state of mind is different then ours, they dont live by the same religon and laws as we do in the states, basically the people over there really dont give a f*@# about us or even there own lives. All the money being spent to the war and other plans and programs that dont help the people in America is a waste. Thats just my opinion!