Sunday, December 23, 2007

State Transportation Spending Harms Milwaukee, Repeatedly

There is an increasing number of state highway projects that are damaging Milwaukee and benefiting the suburbs, explains Gretchen Schuldt on the Citizens Allied For Sane Highways (CASH) blog.

I've argued here that because transportation spending and regional water planning are intertwined - - with both subsidizing job creation and overall growth - - there should be no water diverted to Sprawlville until transit receives transportation investments in the region that equals highway spending.

Without parity, the region's suburbs and more rural counties are using state subsidies in transportation budgets to diminish and wall off the cities.

No region can succeed if it is guided by something resembling economic apartheid, and that is planned and paid for with transportation dollars belonging to all the citizens of the state.

Bottom line:

No equal access to jobs and water.

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