Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sen. Mary Lazich Helps Us Through The Bewildering Gift-Giving Season With Insightful Shopping, Spending Tips

Conservative Republicans are fond of bashing what they call "The Nanny State" - - usually out of anti-governmental, ideological spite.

But I agree that there are times when the amount of intrusive advice about commonsense behaviors flowing too often from government fax machines and proclamations can reach silly proportions.

Surely you have heard the term, "nanny state," used to protest a government program or suggestion that rugged individualists find patronizing, or infantalizing.

The characterization is a staple of conservative talk radio, and news releases from righty politicians, like State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin), who began a recent column about mandatory cars seats for children, with this line:

"I do not like the nanny state."

Or this Lazich 2004 news release that accused Gov. Jim Doyle of "creating the nanny state" with a range of social program proposals.

Or fatty food bans in other states that spread the "nanny state" mentality that she complained about on her blog on August 19th this summer.

Yeah, enough, already, with government sticking its nose in our business. We can make our own decisions. We can take responsibility for our lives without some government official acting or preaching to us like...well...a nanny!

So imagine my disappointment when I saw that Lazich had used some of that same blog space on December 8th to pass along some advice - - about how to use - - even handle - - gift cards.

Talk about creeping nannyism:

Do we really need an online column that begins this way - - from a State Senator?

"Gift cards are extremely popular. People like to buy gift cards because they are convenient. People love to get them, too. And merchants love to sell them because they take up little shelf space and are easy to stock and display."

Drops this observation in, near the middle:

"As convenient as gift cards are, they can also be frustrating."

And ends with this strong summation:

"And whether you get or give a gift card, good advice is to spend it as quickly as possibly because the value may decrease in time. Keep it in your wallet to remind yourself to use the card."

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Anonymous said...

Bear in mind, Lazich is not trying to convince liberals she opposes a "nanny state", she's trying to convince her fellow conservatives. Her street cred was severely damaged a few years ago and she says stuff like this just to get back in the good graces of conservatives.