Thursday, December 13, 2007


I noticed this morning that today's posting about Wisconsin's inertia on the Great Lakes Compact - - an eight-state water conservation and management agreement - - was also the 1,000th posting on this blog since I began it on February 2nd.

A nice bit of symmetry, as posting number one called attention to New Berlin's effort to get a Lake Michigan diversion - - before the Compact's implementation in Wisconsin - - for an under-developed portion of its city that will include a water park.

As the blog developed, I began to call postings along those lines part of an occasional series, The Road To Sprawlville, as my subjects evolved into a water/land-use/transportation focus.

I will be a guest on WTDY-AM 1670 tomorrow morning at 10 AM to discuss the Compact and related issues, as my blog and persona approach multi-media status.

Anyway: enough about me. I'm bored with it, too.

Tune it, and thanks for reading/listening.


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