Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Murphy Oil, With Probable Wetlands Filling Looming, Helps Preserve Recreational Area

Murphy Oil is expected to formally approach the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the coming weeks with a plan to fill between 300-500 wetland acres to accommodate a six-fold capacity increase in its Superior, WI refinery.

In what is both a boon for Northern Wisconsin, and a smart public relations move, too, Murphy announced a $40,000 grant that completes a deal to expand an important regional recreational area.

Probably not a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

You are a bit cynical. Murphy has always been a very civic-minded corporate citizen in the Superior area. We need more companies like them!

Meg & Dave said...

Hi Jim,

I was at my Mom's house the other day and what do you know, there was your latest article she had cut out of the Cap times... "I've been following that guy's blog" I said. She had read your article and it had peaked her interest and concern. She is a member of the women's international league for peace and freedom, "WILPF" They are looking for the best water causes around Wisconsin to get behind. I threw three things out there, Great Lakes Compact, Murphy Oil expansion, and much less related but important, viruses in our drinking water from leaking sewer mains. Keep up the good work and, you really are being heard out there!

On another note, some of your links to older articles are busted. I couldn't get to your Murphy oil piece which is here:

or Melissa's piece which is here:

Not sure why madison.com doesn't use perma links for their stories.


James Rowen said...

Read the post. I said the donation does a good thing. And that it is good PR.

That's fair, I think.

I think you have to also admit that its willful air pollution for which it was fined a record amount for withholding data from the regulators, and its contamination of the watershed that has necessitatated a multi-million dollar cleanup - - all ducmneted and public, by the way - - shows it's at best a mixed bag.

A little cynicism is justified.

James Rowen said...

To E20: Thanks for the props. And to your Mom. I'll see what the deal is with those links.
Tell her to email me - - jer45y@gmail.com - - and I can supply her with information and good contacts/speakers for her group in Madison.