Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Victory For Doyle, Wisconsin Education

Remember when conservative legislators bashed Gov. Jim Doyle for proposing a scholarship program designed to guarantee financial aid for successful Wisconsin students to attend colleges and universities in the Badger state.

If the first $40 million private fund didn't shut those critics up, news of this $175 million pledge reported by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pretty much does the trick:

"MONDAY, Dec. 17, 2007, 7:52 p.m.

"By Alan J. Borsuk

"$175 million donation to fund scholarships

"John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge, two of the leading philanthropists in Wisconsin history, are scheduled to announce in Green Bay on Tuesday morning that they are donating $175 million to create a permanent endowment to fund scholarships for Wisconsin high school graduates to attend colleges in the state.

"The Fund for Wisconsin Scholars will award close to 2,000 grants of $1,000 to $5,000 for the 2008-'09 school year and more than 3,000 grants annually after that, according to information released by the fund."


Anonymous said...

No conservative that I know of has ever bashed an individual for establishing a private foundation to provide scholarships. Mr. Morgridge and his wife deserve all credit here. But lets not be so stupid as to confuse a charitable gift--like these citizens have made--with mandated programs funded by the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

This money will not be a part of Doyle's Wisconsin Covenant program, rather a seperate private fund. While I know Doyle is elated with this news, it's got to bother him a bit that the Morgridges did not make the donation to the WC, but rather set up their own fund, with probably very few strings attached.