Saturday, December 8, 2007

UN Predicts Major Job Growth In "Green" Industries

Technological changes to combat or react to climate change will produce millions of new jobs worldwide, according to a new United Nations report.

Put that up against this report about the environmental damage looming in Alberta, Canada, as oil companies tear apart the landscape to extract thick crude oil from tar sand.

That's the very oil to be piped to the expanding refineries on the Great Lakes - - to the British Petroleum facility on Lake Michigan at Whiting, Indiana, and the Murphy Oil Co. refinery at Superior, Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources expects to receive preliminary permitting applications from Murphy by the end of December, including a plan to fill between 300-500 acres of wetlands for the expanded plant.

That would constitute the largest wetlands filling in Wisconsin since the adoption of the US Clean Water Act in 1972.

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