Saturday, September 29, 2007

Will A Nuclear Power Plant Help Extract Canadian Crude Oil Headed To Superior?

It's the energy policy trifecta:

To produce gasoline at an expanded Murphy Oil refinery in Superior, on Lake Superior, crude oil from Alberta must be extracted from the tar sand deposits there.

The extraction of the oil from the sand is an energy-intensive process - - so why not build a nuclear power plant in Alberta, Canada, to do the trick?

That's the buzz north of the border.

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Ron Brochu said...

Perhaps the question should be phrased differently. "Will a nuclear power plant help extract Canadian crude oil." Presumably the destination could be Chicago or New Orleans. Superior is mentioned only because it's on Lake Superior. And while Murphy Oil might expand a refinery in Superior, the refinery itself is inland, not on the lake. Meanwhile, the question is pure conjecture. Jaw-jacking about the possibility doesn't make it truth.