Friday, September 28, 2007

Insurance Industry Recognizes Climate Change

While talk radio know-nothings deny that climate change is a real and growing dilemma - - a "global emergency," as Al Gore correctly puts it - - private sector insurers and the regulators who examine their books know that global warming is happening.

And is getting costlier.

The Daily Reporter has the details, from industry and state fiscal officials, here.

Here's a related question: What's the reaction of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce?

Wisconsin is home to many insurance companies, thus to corporate balance sheets which could indicate some of the early warning signs of global warming.


Anonymous said...

Oh my G*#... it is happening... the world is changing and I am dyi...

James Rowen said...

Must be a full moon tonight.

Anonymous said...

Is Jim Hansen going to give back the $720,000 he got from Mr. Soro's. I guess, no bias here. Go to Vicki McKenna's website, and their is a link which has hundreds of scientists skeptical of man made global warming. But I guess they were bought and paid for by the oil companies, right Jim.