Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Belling Hilarity

It was a few minutes before 4 PM today, and Mark Belling was airing the Right's conspiracy synapse of the day - - that Bill and Hillary Clinton could have been behind the theft of a book manuscript allegedly stolen from the home of Kathleen Willey, a woman who years ago got famous for a few seconds after accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Belling cited a rightwing website as his source, and said the Clintons' masterminding of the book's disappearance was a reasonable possibility.

Sounds a tad paranoid.

After all, Willey could have left it somewhere, made the whole thing up as a promotion, or let a wild dingo eat it. Who knows?

But in the next breath, continuing his attack on Hillary Clinton, Belling said both the Clintons shared a major flaw with Richard Nixon.


Cue the laugh track.

This is a regular feature on talk radio: the squawkers talk so fast, but stick to ideological talking points and templates, so logic falls by the wayside, along with consistency.

How can you call Clintons paranoid right after airing a paranoid, Internet-based theory - - without sounding paranoid and plainly illogical yourself?

Which is why I then I took my own blog's sage advice and switched to Wisconsin Public Radio, where experts were explaining why cleaning up the Great Lakes helps the Wisconsin and regional economy.

Nothing paranoid about that.

And much more logical.

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Anonymous said...

See that is the beauty of NPR and even am1290. When people talk about issues in a meaningful and thoughtful way then the discourse can and will lead to change. However, Belling, Sykes, et al. are not intrested in change, only ratings. These entertainers have only one thng on their mind...self preservation. No good can ever come from that!