Thursday, September 27, 2007

Annette Ziegler Faces More Questions

There's only one realistic way to read this story:

Bad news for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler in the incompleted ethical disciplinary case pending against her.

The case was created because she had failed to remove herself from a raft of circuit court cases, decided prior to her Supreme Court election victory, that involved a bank to which she had her husband were linked by stock holdings and loans.

Adding to Ziegler's woes: The Wisconsin State Journal, the state's lead daily paper on the story, is editorially calling for a tough penalty.

You can read the official investigative order that is at the heart of this developing story, and that will frame the final sanction against Ziegler, here.

The editorial is aimed directly at the special three-judge panel that will determine Ziegler's fate.

The editors are not the decision-makers in this case. The judges are.

But it's a safe bet that the judges read the papers, run by people who, for good reason, are called opinion-makers.

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Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of the corruption now on our highest court. How can Annette Ziegler apply justice when she can't even practice it?

She should resign, or be recalled.