Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Iraq War Moratorium: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Gen. Petraeus thinks some "surge" troops might be drawn down next March.

That's not a withdrawal - - it's just a suggestion that the US might begin returning in 2008 to early 2007 troop levels. Even Bush's probable announcement of troop reductions as late as next summer only get the country back to where it was in '07.

That's an election-year ploy.

And other "withdrawal" dates have been floated that are 10 years out, while the US continues to build mega-bases, airfields and a fortress embassy in Iraq.

Sounds like an occupation to me, with the model being Korea, or Okinawa, or even post WWII-Western Europe.

We have a tendency to stick around.

Xoff has the details of a proposed Iraq War Moratorium - - a series of personal and public activities beginning later this month - - that could shake the country out of its complacent, Iraq War malaise.

Additional details from Veterans For Peace. Check it out.

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