Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guiliani Phone Call Stunts Diminish The Electoral Process

The long, drawn-out Presidential campaign season hits a new low with what looks suspiciously like another staged telephone call 'interruption' to the candidate by Rudy Guiliani's wife.

Taking a cellphone call while making a speech?

Can you see President Guiliani doing that in front of the UN General Assembly?


"Hi, honey. OK: I'll get a quart of milk on the way home. Carryout? Chinese? Sure. Be home by 7. Love you. Smootch/smootch/smootch."


"Now, back to the Darfur genocide..."

The candidates devalue the entire political process and our worth as voters with phony theater like that.

Bad enough Guiliani is busy doing pandering re-writes of his political history (the recent phone call came during a speech to the National Rifle Association, where the former Mayor of New York City who had supported tough gun controls now says 9/11 makes him a Born Again Gun Rights Guy).

The Washington Post suggests that the speech fell flat, and labels the telephone episode "an odd interlude."

The New York Times has its own take on the wierd moment.

Set your DVR's for Monday's Daily Show and Colbert Report.

To sum it up:

Maybe Guilaini failed to use Marriage #3 to charm away his fresh flip-flopping on Constitutional Amendment #2.

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Anonymous said...

It was probably Judi's idea. Vanity Fair had a revealing article about her. Apparently she's a conniving, attention-seeking phony.