Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Urban Sprawl Causes Waistline Sprawl

Here's the evidence.

Maybe the regional planning commission should work with area public health departments to track the health and medical costs of turning wetlands and farm fields into car-dependent subdivisions.

Could be the first outreach project at the Pabst Farms Aurora Hospital when it opens on the once-agricultural land it will occupy.


Anonymous said...

Here's another link to a report commissioned by the Rand Corp. Sprawl's bad not only for our waistline but increases one's chances for chronic health problems like athsma and high blood pressure.


Anonymous said...


James Rowen said...

To anonympous: Thanks. No wonder that didn't look right.

Anonymous said...

Well, my waistline doesn't look right, either.

I actually thought, at first, that it was a pun of sorts -- "wasteland" and all that. But nope, no laughs in yet another story on the waste from sprawl.