Saturday, September 8, 2007

More On Pabst Farms: Kurt Bauer Weighs In And He Might Surprise You

Kurt Bauer, executive director emeritus of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, weighs in on sprawl, Pabst Farms, and the decision to build that big interchange on I-94 to serve the mega-mall coming to the Pabst Farms project.

In a nutshell, his personal view is that Pabst Farms should have remained agricultural property, and that unheeded efforts to contain sprawl like Pabst Farms and smaller, "incremental" developments have been "crying in the wilderness."

Though retired from SEWRPC as its long-time executive director Bauer chairs its water supply advisory committee and is a paid agency consultant.

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Anonymous said...

If Bauer thinks there shouldn't be sprawl in Waukesha County, then he should take some serious steps to make sure the Water Supply Study Advisory Ctte he chairs deals with the negative impacts that turning on the spigot to Waukesha will have. Instead, he's heading a Ctte that is clearly going on a pro-development course.

And concerned citizens should be pressuring SEWRPC - and Bauer - on this as well.