Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gathering Steam: The Push For A More Independent DNR Secretary

Bi-partisan legislative forces, led by conservation groups, are making headway in their long effort to undo former Governor Tommy Thompson's annexation of the Natural Resources Board Secretary to the gubernatorial cabinet, notes State Rep. Spencer Black, (D-Madison).

Fifty organizations are urging adoption; the goal is a DNR more responsive to the grassroots and less subservient to State Capitol politics - - the way the Natural Resources Board was envisioned by the great Wisconsin environmental leaders of the past, including Aldo Leopold.

If that happens, score one for environmental reform.

Next up: returning the position of Public Intervenor to the office of Attorney General, and if the thought is too horrifying for the incumbent, J.B Van Hollen, then place it in the Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection.

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Unknown said...

Gov. Doyle promised to bring back the Public Intervenor some time ago. Is he AWOL?