Monday, April 30, 2007

Things Warming Up For Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz.

You remember him, right?

First he helped plan a bad war in Iraq and an even worse post-invasion reconstruction plan.

Then when things went south there, he deserted the war business for a soft landing at The World Bank - - where he pulled some strings to get his girlfriend a raise and cushy promotion.

Ah, those Bushies. Restoring morality and virtue to government.

Now World Bank staffers, angry at the bad war planning and peeved at the favoritism for the significant other are playing a reddish green card of sorts - - trying to drive Wolfowitz to the sidelines by confirming he was watering down Bank reports that mentioned climate change - - even though its effects are predicted to hit Bank borrowing nations the hardest.

Will Paul Wolfowitz be Climate Change's highest-ranking victim yet?

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