Monday, April 9, 2007

Some Offensive Talk Radio Has Consequences

As discussed earlier, radio host Don Imus has not been fired for his racial, mysognistic insults aimed at some women basketball players, but has been suspended for two weeks.

We'll see if that's the end of it. For now, probably. He'll be on super-serious probation, that is, one more really, really offensive rif could end his career.

Local rude radio rangers around here haven't quite pushed the format to the same extent, though Mark Belling's recent long tirade against nursing mothers was pretty crude.

And as Imus' remarks gave us a window into the deeper recesses of his mind, and his inability to filter things before they got to his mouth, Belling's did, too.

Ask yourself: who would have the phrase "raggy, menopausal, crabby women" at the ready to describe women whom Belling predicted would call and object to his comparing the needs of nursing mothers and their babies (and aren't those infants just so demanding!) to his right "to take a crap" when and where he wanted?

And have you ever heard anyone describe a mother nursing as "some big fat woman pull[ing} out her thing."

Her thing?

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