Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tommy Thompson Sounding More Unpresidential

The longer that Tommy stays in the GOP primary race, the more his utterances will garner scrutiny, and is that what our former Governor really wants?

Tommy continues to tout an Iraqi strategy as innovative, and clearly he needs something new and different to explain away years of assent on the Iraq war as a loyal Bush Cabinet officer, but is leaving the American occupation up to an Iraqi referendum the way to go?

The entire notion of Tommy as US President and Commander-in-Chief is absurd on its face, but he needs to be asked if it is reasonable or rational to give life-and-death power over thousands of Americans' lives to the voting decisions of another nation halfway around the world?

We have laws and procedures for the commitment, deployment and withdrawal of US troops. That power rests with the US President and the Congress.

You can't hand that off to a third-party or foreign country.

Tommy's 'plan' is shallow campaign wordplay, nothing more, and should be dismissed along with his prance across the national stage.

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Jim Bouman said...

Organizing a referendum in Iraq--in the midst of a civil war, with 2 million Iraquis refugees, displaced within their own borders, and two million more seeking refuge in other countries--is simply unthinkable. Crazy. There is virtually no civil government there. What leadership there is operates to achieve only tribal and factional objectives and control.

Polling, done by a variety of experts in that field, within Iraq, has yielded a clear majority, a landslide of conviction and opinion--The Iraquis want the US out of there NOW.

If Tommy began using this as the basis for demanding that GWB act NOW, he'd be doing something useful or, at least, not laughable.

Instead, he talks nonsense and makes a greater fool of himself with talk about his ambition to be president.