Monday, April 30, 2007

Where Climate Issues Are Already Severe: A Cautionary Tale

It's widely acknowledged that talk and study of changing climates generally takes place far from our shores - - in the Arctic, for example, or along some remote island's coastline - - so we water-rich US midwesterners tend to shrug our shoulders and give our denial full reign.

But plenty of people from around here have been to Australia, or have seen Crocodile Dundee promoting cold beer and barbecued shrimp, and might therefore be able to grasp what a prolonged drought is doing to that entire continent's economy.

Read the details here in the staid, very non-hysterical publication, The Economist.

And remember that variations of these scenarios could play out worldwide.

And by the way, farmers and consumers everywhere are asking: where have all those honeybees gone?

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