Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Major Resource Problem Discovered At Pabst Farms

When they started building a new city on Pabst Farms, right on the land through which the region's rain and snow melt is absorbed to recharge the underground water supply, people worried that the project would contribute to a shortage of water.

Today, we learn that there is a looming shortage of some liquids at Pabst Farms: Booze.

Might Pabst Farms be renamed Temperance Town?


Jim Bouman said...

I took a trip out to Pabst Farms a few weeks ago, just to drive around and check the ambience of the Pabst Farms experience. It was a cold blustery early spring day. But the desolation would have been evident even in bright sunshine.

Huge expanses of absoutely flat, treeless acreage. There are three defined segments: the one now occupied by tract mansions (lots of them still for sale, a year after completion, and a few occupied ones up for sale, FSBO) is the relatively downscale part--oversize piles squeezed into smallish lots, three to an acre.

The big money, one is left to presume, is not yet flocking in. An entire section of half acre lots hasn't a single taker.

And, beyond that, the Land O' Megabux--1 acre lots--is waiting for the folks weary of the passe developments of the last century --tiresome and tacky places like Broadlands and Bristlecone Pines-- gauche tract mansions built around third-rate golf courses.

The lack of a dozen liquor licenses for a dozen upscale watering holes will become an excuse for the failure of this hallucinated land of upscale(why do I find that word so offensive?)residences in the middle of nowhere, next to the freeway.

We can only look forward to the day when Pabst Farms becomes, once again, farms.

James Rowen said...

The comment is interesting. I drive through there once a month or so, checking out the additional construction, just dumbfounded at the scale and how it does not fit the location.

Thanks, Jim.