Thursday, April 5, 2007

Belling Equates Breast-Feeding With Defecation

I've written from time to time that some right-wing AM talk radio degrades the airwaves and the discourse here in southeastern Wisconsin.

It's a matter of perception, you say?

OK: Here's a short MP3 audio clip - - Update - - sorry, link dead - - from a Mark Belling rant of about an hour on March 21st against efforts to legalize breast-feeding in public in Wisconsin.

Nice, eh?

During the segment, Belling continued to equate a woman's right to breast-feed to his right "to take a crap" - - what he called his "taking a dump" analogy - - and said no one should mind so long as he carried around a bottle of bleach and picked up after himself.

Belling Standing Up For Milwaukee is one thing, but his taking a crap when and where he wants, and fixing things up with his little bottle of bleach - - well, that's an image, along with the sound, that we really don't need.

He had other colorful language at the ready:

He urged his screener to put up calls of objection from "raggy, menopausal, crabby women."

He said breast-feeding women should "go sit on the toilet," or "go sit on the can where you belong."

He said he'd rather have second-hand smoke blown in his face "than have some big fat woman pull out her thing" in his presence, and conjured up an image of "women pulling their boobs out" in public places to breast-feed.

And he ended the segment yukking it up with a caller who suggested that, yeah, this might be a good thing if there were no age limits in the law (it's obviously meant to breast-feed young children), since there might be guys and women who could, you know, heh, heh, heh, fool around in public and call it breast-feeding.

Oh, funny!

Belling's argument against a proposal by State Sen. Fred Risser (D-Madison) to legalize breast-feeding in public places, like restaurants, was that it invaded and overrode a business owner's property rights.

And Belling praised the intelligence of his remarks - - which is standard talk radio self-aggrandizement.

But in addition to revealing a lot about the way he thinks, Belling let slip that there might be some crucial information about the topic, and women, that he didn't understand:

"How often," Belling wondered aloud, "do these woman have to breast-feed?"


Jim Bouman said...

Three words to describe this guy:

Sick. And. Twisted.

Anonymous said...

He is so much worse, every time I read about him, that it must be male menopause.

As for the question at the end, he really does not get it. It is not about how often women need to breastfeed (since that is every few hours and if the aim is relief, it can be done by pump and is not as problematic as feeding a baby on a toilet).

The question is how often do babies get hungry. The answer is: all the time -- and more often when breastfed, since it is healthier for them and goes through their systems faster than if they are fed the same thing that baby cows get.

What a fool he is. This is not a question for which the answer is hard to find, even if he never has shared the realities of childrearing. Must have flunked the research portion of every class he took. What a fool he is.

Anonymous said...

This guy is sick. And why does he keep mentioning the women as having to breast feed ? I have always known it to be the baby that has to breast feed. God's design has proven over and over again that breast feeding your child is the best choice. said...

Keep in mind, he's still single.

Charlie said...

What? Breastfeeding in public is illegal?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this is an annual thing for him.,24538/