Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Is This The Next WMC Supreme Court Candidate-To-Be?

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Michael Brennan pretty much laid out a judicial activist-from-the-right campaign manifesto in this 2005 Milwaukee Journal Crossroads piece.

And let's not forget that he sent the infamous Democratic tire-slasherers to jail, throwing out a deal between prosecutors and defense attorneys.

A telling comment about sentencing, according to the Journal Sentinel story:

"Before Brennan sentenced the defendants, Rick Wiley, executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, told the judge that the crime warranted more than probation. "I think it's kind of a travesty that the defendants here can kind of go on their merry way."

After listening to Brennan sentence the men, Wiley smiled and said, "I think the judge did a great job. I think it's going to deter people in the future" from campaign vandalism."

Might he be the next conservative (read: Republican) candidate pushed by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce?

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xoff said...

He was preparing to run in 2006 if Justice Patrick Crooks had retired. So was Annette Ziegler. My guess is they -- and WMC -- agreed that Ziegler would take 07 and Brennan would go in 08.