Monday, April 23, 2007

Global Warming Action Becoming Mainstream in US Politics

From Barack Obama to John McCain, politicians are catching up with the public, which wants action to confront and minimize global warming.

One lesson to be gleaned: Rightist talk radio, from Limbaugh down to our local squawker Mini-me's, do not represent or move opinion on this issue.


John said...

I wish so much that it was true that blowhards like Limbaugh and Belling didn't move opinion on global warming or other green issues, but the sad fact is that constant repetition and deployment of taglines like "environmental wacko" (the two words go together like peanut butter and jelly in the minds of many mainstream Americans) by right-wing media clowns is very, very effectively reinforcing an anti-environmental viewpoint.

There's a good story about Limbaugh's campaign against the green movement in this month's Vanity Fair, by the way. (

James Rowen said...

So we have to harder, using new and traditional media and organizing, because polling consistently indicate broad support for environmentalism.

We also need to be savvier about framing these issues. Not selling out on them, but being smarter about how to discuss and advocate for them.

Thanks for the note.