Sunday, December 27, 2020

Trump plays Santa to WI Republicans

[12/27/20/update: Trump stopped effing with people and signed the bills. What a louse.] 

Trump is holding hostage all government operations including the Defense Department - and notably the pandemic aid bill - thus holding hostage also the well-being of countless Wisconsinites and more millions of Americans, too.

Inflicting pain on out of work, out of food and out of luck Americans is exactly what the entire WI Republican Congressional caucus wanted

All of Wisconsin's Congressional Republicans voted against second COVID-19 relief package

One callous and ultra-wealthy notable -  

- was so enthusiastic about sticking it to his home-state constituents that he did it twice

Ron Johnson twice blocked stimulus checks

And so Americans are getting their final, unwanted and especially-toxic lesson in Trump's nasty four-year tutorial.

Which continues to feature twisted self-centeredness that enriches his family, pardons loyal felons, and entrenches dictator friends.

And, as he closes out his uniquely ugly Presidency, amplifies the American Carnage-dystopia he previewed in his inaugural address that he's now aiming at his real enemy - the people.

Especially citizens whose votes he wanted canceled out of wounded ego and pique. And as protection against the legions of prosecutors and process-servers who will be lining up at the gates of Mar-a-Lago to deliver their own New Year's greetings.

But let's not forget that using state power to divide and sabotage the people and destroying clean air, fresh water and public lands as policy and more broadly wreaking havoc on democratic values were core Wisconsin Republican strategies Walker employed for eight years here and displayed nationally in September, 2015.

What flattery for Walker that he might have been Trump's mentor:

Scott Walker vows to ‘wreak havoc’ on Washington. As if that would be a good thing.

“To wreak havoc on Washington, America needs a leader with real solutions,” Walker will say. “Political rhetoric is not enough — we need a plan of action. Actions speak louder than words. I have a plan to move this country forward. To wreak havoc on Washington, America also needs a leader who has been tested. I have been tested like no one else in this race. We passed those tests and now, I am ready to lead this exceptional country.” 

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