Monday, December 28, 2020

Vos: 'incredibly safe' to go outside, followed by 500,000 more COVID cases

Wisconsin had tallied 2,578 positive cases of COVID19 according to state data when WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said on April 7th -  

- that it was "incredibly safe" to go outside.

Want to know how incredibly bad a forecast that was?

The New York Times is currently reporting below that Wisconsin has totaled more than a half-million positive COVID19 cases, and more than 99% have been reported since Vos made his incredibly dumb declaration. 


Cumulative, confirmed cases reported by state officials put the COVID19 tally somewhat below the New York Times total. See an end note for an explanation.

Regardless, Wisconsin became a so-called hotspot for the disease this fall and both the Times and state COVIF19 totals represent enormous suffering. 

No wonder Vos won't really engage with Gov. Evers at this very late date on an action plan to fight the virus. 

It's probably too embarrassing since we're approaching  one-in-ten Wisconsinites among our 5.8 million people having been infected by COVIF19, and experts have said the spread of the disease extends well beyond reported cases

The undercount is a result of inconsistent protocols, limited resources and a patchwork of decision making from one state or county to the next.


*Note: COVID case tracking data and reporting varies by organization. Variances are due to differences in methodology, time of day and other factors.

COVID tallies reported by the Times are based on data supplied by Johns Hopkins University and The COVID Tracking Project, among other sources,.and are usually higher than those reported by the state. 

The state health department case tally on December 27th was 470,818- the Times' number is 508,580.

The state's data collection relies on in-state reports and posts confirmed case numbers, as it explains, here.

The US Centers for Disease Control website dashboard map currently lists Wisconsin's COVID case count at 506,022.

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