Thursday, December 3, 2020

Why the differences between official WI, NY Times' COVID counts?

I'm not sure why The New York Times COVID updates, which the paper says rely on state and local numbers, usually show higher tallies than those put up by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

Today's charts which both say are 12/3 updates are good examples of the differences. The top two are the state's tallies of deaths and confirmed cases, while the chart at the bottom is from today's NY Times online, and the Times' posting shows numbers in both categories roughly 5% larger. 

Would time of compilation and subsequent postings account for the gap? I'm not suggesting there's anything nefarious or manipulative going on; it's just that I'm never sure which number set to reference.

I check the Times' charts on line, then look at local reporting which relies on the state COVID tallies, and I hear myself saying out loud, 'hey, the number is bigger,' or 'the number went past that mark yesterday,' and so on.

Any thoughts? I just made these imperfect images. 

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