Tuesday, December 22, 2020

You pay them $3,300/weekly, they balked at your 1-time $600 check

The same Wisconsin GOP congressional members who regularly protected Trump when he pandered to Putin and fueled the pandemic just further stained their forever-reputations.

Most self-respecting officials at least try to avoid being on the wrong side of double standards.

Particularly if the people being dissed or clipped happen to be constituents who may be out of work or coughing up blood in the ICU.

But Wisconsin's political environment has been damaged since Walker and the Tea Party took control in 2011 and handed E-Z passes to Congressional seats gerrymandered by their Wisconsin State Legislative colleagues who also had comfort levels unaffected by normal human deterrents like conscience or shame.

Taxpayers pay members of Congress $174,000 annually - which is just just over $3,300 weekly though sessions can run Tuesdays-through-Thursdays - and also fund office expenses and perks - including travel - which average between $1.3 million-to-$3.47 million annually - but all of Wisconsin's GOP Congressional delegation including this self-dealer


voted against the COVID and stimulus funding package approved Monday night which will send one-time $600 checks to many taxpayers.

Though greater US unemployment, poverty and hunger have accompanied the pandemic and were worsened by Executive branch failings and Trump's ego-driven blundering, other countries have been providing greater assistance, NBC has reported.

For the record, Wisconsin's GOP Congressional delegation also voted "no" in lockstep on the previous COVID aid bill in March.

No extra credit is awarded for consistency.

One more thing: If you think you're done paying for Johnson's 'service,' think again: he will be able to draw a generous pension in the range of $60,000 per year, which is the current rough average being paid out now annually to more than 600 retired members of Congress, according to this 2018 official report.


Anonymous said...

Why does Wisconsin have the most despicable politicians representing us on the Republican side? Who is the worst dirtbag? RoJo, Tiffany, Grothman, Fitzgerald, Walker, Vos, multiple minor league players who are just as sleazy but don't quite have the impact. Think about this: We have state politicians who stated we needed to not allow the general population to vote for the president and the state legislators should choose. These people unAmerican. Think about it: Our state GOP were part of the Fox con. This was unAmerican. The list could go on all day.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Agree! Such a despicable and disgusting bunch!!! Not sure why anyone would want them to represent this state or even want to live here. They don't represent us. Walker is gone but they continue out his work and their loyalty to the likes of the Koch brothers.

Peter Felknor said...

FWIW, Koch money has pretty much dried up here since Walker squandered their millions on his partyboy lifestyle during his "presidential run." The Kochs (now Charles Koch) are openly contemptuous of the clownish Trump, and even more so of his slavish buffoons in the WIGOP. They are like a street thug who gets paid to do a low-level mob hit, and then shows up at the door every morning looking for "some mook what needs killin'."

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Likely true from the Koch side, but they've been replaced by sleazy Boomer psychos like the Uihleins, Diane Hendricks and the CEO of Kwik Trip.