Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tia Nelson wins. So does the climate movement

[Updated from 12:07 p.m. Friday] So happy to see an upbeat essay by the environmentalist and public citizen Tia Nelson, headed for the Paris summit, free to represent The Wisconsin Idea and talk openly and substantively about climate change:
When I step on the ground in Paris, it will be a homecoming. It's not that I am French but that I am returning to a global community I left more than 11 years ago. I will be rejoining thousands of business leaders, scholars, climate researchers, politicians, activists and citizens concerned about finding policy solutions to reduce carbon pollution and man-made global warming.
Hat tip to the reactionaries who tried to stifle Tia and her ideals, as they gave her a bigger platform.

Update - - More Wisconsin participation at Paris summit.

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