Friday, December 25, 2015

Prime WI outdoors destinations were in ruination path

The Journal Sentinel picks six premier Wisconsin destinations for 2016 - - and it's worth noting that one of them is in the Bad River watershed where Gov. Walker and his legislative water-carriers wanted to locate 35 years of mountain top-removal/wetland-filling/deep open-pit iron ore mining, and the other is in a bird-and-wildlife haven downriver from the site of a recent train derailment which dumped thousands of gallons of alcohol into the Mississippi River.

Close calls, Bucky.

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Kohler Andrae Park in the Town of Wilson is threatened by a 5th Kohler golf course. Its beaches are already among the most polluted in the state. Now add construction and pesticide runoff which will be unregulated. Then, change the natural entrance to a concrete rotary using park land so Kohler can have a less expensive entrance alternative. Then install 10 hi-cap wells threatening the residents' water and quality. This is pathetic and the result of Walker's cronyism.