Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Only WI is without smokestack emission compliance plan

Tia Nelson sums up Wisconsin's dangerous, intentional and unique resistance to clean air:
Wisconsin continues to gamble on a dangerous, negative strategy that every major country and every major corporation in the world came to grips with in Paris: the inevitability of carbon regulation in one form or another...
Wisconsin, the only state not to even start a plan, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council, is putting all its chips on delay through litigation. It’s a dangerous bet for a lot of reasons, but two stand out.
First, we are walking away from early-action incentives and credits that would lower our ultimate cost of compliance. Second, if we do not develop our own plan, the federal government has to impose one on us. Our utilities can’t want that. None of us should, when we could be designing our own energy future. 
More about the key players making Wisconsin a pollution haven, here, and obstructive denial on climate matters extends far beyond the US Midwest.

Smoke stacks from a factory.

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Anonymous said...

There is no need for Wisconsin to have a smokesack emission compliance plan when Scott Walker and his republican cohorts already have a plan: Blowing smoke up our collective @sses