Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Great Lakes Echo Blog features WI water expert

Nice to see Lynn Broaddus get her props:
Lynn Broaddus 2015Lynn Broaddus
Lynn Broaddus isn’t afraid to defy the communications experts who say stay on message at all costs. No need for critical thinking. Develop your message and repeat. Forever.
Broaddus is president of the Broadview Collaborative, a Wisconsin sustainability think tank. She is also one of the region’s brighter lights when it comes to water policy. She has the ability to think critically and move past approved talking points to find a better way. Her recent op/ed on Waukesha’s request to divert Lake Michigan water is an example.

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Anonymous said...

Lynn is spot on in her assessment of Waukesha's needs, vs. wants.

The city of Waukesha does not need a new supply of water. Waukesha County wants the city to get off the deep aquifer so the wealthy communities that are also on the deep aquifer can have it all to themselves without implementing a single conservation measure.

And, the a_ _ hats won't have to pay a single dime. They simply screw the poor suckers living in the city, led by a mayor who is clueless to the tune of a $1000 increase per year on the water portion of their bill and anyone's guess as to how much the return flow would explode the sewer portion of the bill.

What a joke that now they have coined the phrase "borrow Lake Michigan water".

Excuse me?

Waukesha ratepayers would "purchase", not "borrow" the very expensive water and return a recycled and of-less-quality commodity comprised of a far less percentage of origin water than what was purchased.

That's called "bait and switch".