Thursday, December 3, 2015

More proof of Wisconsin's cratered economy

We've seen continuing reports that describe the erosion of the state's economy - - from lost jobs to falling wages - - and now there are new numbers that further underscore the depth of Wisconsin's troubles and our leaders' lack of solutions:
Median household income fell by a significant margin in two-thirds of Wisconsin counties from 2009 to 2014, according to figures released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. 
In Milwaukee County, the median income fell by 10.3% to $43,385. Waukesha County, which had the highest median income in the state at $76,319, saw a 7.1% drop. Washington (-5.2%), Ozaukee (-7.7%) and Racine (-7.9%) counties all experienced declining incomes, as well. 
Falling incomes translate into increased poverty down the line. In Milwaukee County, the percentage of people living in poverty increased by 3.9 points to 21.9%. More than half of the counties in the state saw increases in the portions of people living in poverty.


nonquixote said...

The planned economic disaster that is the current state of our economy is being perpetrated for a reason and I don't think the "governor" nor the legislative majority don't know what they are colluding to do for their campaign donors.

A severely falling economy is the perfect excuse for forwarding bills like that which Sen Lasee introduced for sponsorship Dec 1. Further deregulate environmental safeguards for their key plutocratic patrons.

This goes hand in hand with their attacking unions, attacking the jobless and the working poor and fomenting widespread social division over issues like guns and gays and baby parts, divide and conquer. The costs of dealing with pollution created by the investor class is one of the last places left for their costs can to be cut or socialized to be absorbed by everyone else except by those profiting financially from the relaxation of local control and environmental protection.

Anonymous said...

Guess Act 10 has now been felt by a whole lot of WI. Similar reductions to wages. This is not good for anyone. Walker's house of cards will fall.

Anonymous said...

The median has gone down. I wonder what the mean has done for each county? It will surely be lower than the median as so many are below the poverty line now. This really doesn't characterize the low wage disaster that is Wisconsin.