Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MI Gov. apologizes for poisoning the City of Flint

Well, I guess that takes care of it - - though before the apology the Governor had to fend off charges that his administration had withheld the facts.

Except that lead poisoning depresses child mental development, and lead levels measured in Flint children are already off the charts.

Background about Michigan's 2011'Father-know-best' takeover of Flint, here.


Anonymous said...

If only the Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, would come clean about the failed interim radium solution negotiated between the DOJ and the City of Waukesha with levels far above the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level standard for radium 226 and 228.

Waukesha cannot meet the June 30, 2018 court order, to be in full compliance with the Lake Michigan option. Walker bears all responsibility for covering up the poisoning of
Waukesha's citizens when he should be focusing 100% on the immediate solution to protecting life of the very people whom pay his salary and do so now.

But he won't. He's no Governor Snyder.

my5cents said...

Yes, they are always very good at apologizing after the fact and after the damage is done. Then they do everything they possibly can to not make it right because what they thought they would save is then going to cost two, three, four or more times what the saving was in the first place. They cannot give those people back their health, but they can improve the city's infrastructure to prevent more people from getting sick or poisoned. This is the best example for how to not care for our water systems and proves how important it is to do so. Man cannot live without clean water. No warm blooded animal can. The answer is not to invent methods to clean the water, but how to keep it clean to begin with. You treat the earth right and it gives back to you 100%.