Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The WI GOP's Urban Hostility Caucus rails at Milwaukee

If you accept the 'logic' of out-state legislators who don't want state transportation funding to help support Milwaukee's budding streetcar system, then do we want Milwaukee legislators to lead a de-funding of, say, the faraway and expensive now-delayed Stillwater bridge over the Mississippi River?

Or that I want a rebate of my share of state funds spent on the rebuilt Leo Frigo bridge in Green Bay because I haven't been on it in 14 years?  Or from the Madison bus system, because it's been decades since I used it?

Of course not. We're one state, with multiple modes and systems of transportation.

It's just that the Urban Hostility Caucus just doesn't get that. Or know when to stop.


Anonymous said...

I heard that no state money is going into this project. Maybe they just want to have something to bludgeon the Mayor with during election season.

lufthase said...

Quite a little racket they've got going there...
-Make sure all transportation spending goes to hwys, not mass transit
-Siphon off as much funding as you can from K12 and UW and throw it at voucher tycoons and prisons
-Take away people's cars when they can't pay fines
-Act surprised when folks lacking transportation can't get or keep jobs
-Tie the safety net to employment and kick folks off when they can't get jobs, "saving money" and hoping food banks will step in to clean up your mess
-Let captains of industry blame the workforce you've just stomped on from every conceivable angle and move jobs out of state, looking for "a stronger talent pool"
What good is possibly going to come from this cycle? ...is it all just for higher dividends?

Also, loved overused, wildly disingenuous (yet rarely called out) conflating of federal and state taxes:
"State taxpayers have already helped to contribute over $69 million in federal tax dollars ($54.9 million in stimulus and $14.2 million in additional federal grants this year) to move forward with the project."

Wisconsinites pay-in about 1.6% of federal tax revenue... so only about $1.1M of that $69M has anything to do with WI. And if MKE doesn't use it, that $1.1M would end up getting spent on a train in some other state anyways. Walker, of all people, should know that it doesn't just get refunded back to us.